Matic Kaltenekar
designer, developer & author

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Toplina Kamina is a Slovenian brand for distribution of high-end fireplaces. This project demanded professional design and development to be able to stand alongside the product itself. Website features clean, content focused design with highly effective product page and interactive home page animation. It is fully responsive and it offers the best user experience on all devices.

Designing the logo for this brand was a challenge itself. We were aiming for a clean professional look with modern fire symbol. It had to look as best as possible in all possible scenarios and sizes.

Project was done in collaboration with Kontenta.

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NoWorkDays APP & WEB

NoWorkDays is my personal project that was made to extend allready sucessfull Slovenian webpage into bigger markets.

This website and Android App (soon iOS) has user-friendly way to present all the holidays of all European countries in one place. Uses the best technology for the best user experience - location, language and device detection, responsive design, touch friendly interface, etc.

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Binep Corporate Identity was created for new Slovenian engineering company. It features clean modern design, simple but effective logotype + connectiong dots symbol that presents "Bi" when dots are connected.



Developing this web page for Belektron, successful international company, was a challenge itself. It features page transitions, complex HTML5 animations (CSS3 + Javascript), multilingual connectivity, etc.

It has responsive design so we can provide best user experience across all range of devices.

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Big Bang

As a designer and developer for the biggest Slovenian retail company Big Bang, I worked on all marketing projects (you can view some of those projects in the gallery).

Two of the most successful projects are Info portal and product catalogue redesign. Info portal is very successful online educational channel for customers.

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This is my 250 page book about web design and development. It is in Slovenian language and I wrote it when I was 17 years old. With this I became one of the youngest Slovenian author of professional literature. The book sold out quickly so the publisher decided to do a reprint, twice.

I consider this book to be the biggest achievement in my career so far.

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Career & me

Matic Kaltenekar

Matic Kaltenekar designer, developer & author

An experienced designer and developer with more than 10 years of experience. Currently based in London, UK. Working at Nektan as a web and mobile designer, but I also freelance in creative arts.

My professional career began in 2005 when I got my first award at The Slovenian Students Advertising Scene. Ever since I am trying to be one of the best in the business.

The biggest achivement in my carrer so far is publishing my book about web design.

Career milestones


Promoted to Senior Graphic Designer at Nektan


Moved to London, UK to advanced my career


AdWords Certificated Individual


Graduated from the Institute and Academy of Multimedia


Published my book about Web Design
Designer of the Year


3rd place at The Slovenian Students Advertising Scene.